Frank Dominiani - President

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Product Development Services, L.L.C.

20+ Years of Service to Agricultural Chemistry

PDS can provide a wide range of chemical product research, development and manufacturing services. PDS performs manufacturing quality control and process supervision on numerous products, most of which were developed at PDS.

Unlike other small consulting firms, PDS has substantial lab & factory resources available, including the capability of handling regulated materials and wastes on a large scale.

PDS has laboratory & pilot facilities. We can take Suspension Concentrates, Wettable Powders, Tablets, and some Granule types from formulation development, and product chemistry studies, through to production and packaging.

PDS will do any portion of the work of development, registration and manufacturing, as your needs demand. The PDS lab, pilot and manufacturing facilities are located within the Bartlo Packaging, Inc. plant in Passaic, New Jersey.

PDS is partnered with BPS, Inc. of Helena, Arkansas. BPS provides packaging and manufacturing services to the AG industry, cleaning products, and assorted other industries, and does not compete with it’s customers.